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with current fuel prices sky rocketing and forcast to exceed £2.50 per litre, now is the time to really start taking care of your car to reduce fuel consumption

At dragon performance centre in perth, we can help.

1 – Ensure your car is regularly serviced! – havaing your car regularly serviced ensures it is in the best mechanical condition possible. this will ensure there are no mechanical issues causing your engine to work harder than it should

2 – keep an eye on tyre pressures! low air pressure in your tyres will cause an increase in rolling resistance and can massively increase your fuel bill

3 – Wheel alignment. incorrect wheel alignment can cause excessive mechanical resistance, resulting in lower fuel economy

4 – Binding brake calipers. make sure your brakes are in good condition. binding brake calipers create a lot of mechanical friction, causing increased fuel consumption.

5 – if you drive a diesel. consider having a dragon performance Economy map! we ensure your engine is running at its optimum efficiency, resulting in fuel savings of up to 20%