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Porsche is one of those brands that is distinguished from many other of its German Competitors. A non car person will see a BMW and that is that but even to the untrained car eye a Porsche will stick out.

Question is if you have your new expensive Porsche who would you trust to work on it? Assuming you own one you are a car freak so you will not be taking it to Joe Smo’s local garage on the corner.

When it comes to tuning the same applies , you do not want an idiot with an old laptop playing around with that cutting edge Porsche software. Try taking it to Porsche after and you will get laughed out the door.

That is why you come to us at Dragon, our high end in house developed files along with our years of experience make us the only choice you can trust with your Porsche. As you can see from these photos we have a proven track record with these cars. Not only this but they are one of Paul’s favourite makes to work on.

Put a smile on your face and ours by brining in your Porsche, we can unleash its full potential!