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The new 3.0 Twin turbo engine fitted to the 335d & 535d variants is a truly impressive feat of engineering. With two inline turbos it provides unstoppable performance from very low rpms. The smaller turbo is used for quick boosting off the mark up to 3000rpm at which point the larger turbo takes over to provide top end torque thus eradicating the lag which is evident on all large turbo engines. The power once remapped by ourselves is truly impressive and really needs to be experience to be believed. We remove the 155mph speed limiter for those wishing to test the genuine 170mph+ capabilities. We develop all of our software on the rolling road to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure fueling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures are all within tolerance. Our aim is for maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

Our stage 1 tune will take this model up to 345bhp

stage 2 will take this up to 372bhp

Bmw 335d dyno graph

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