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Recently we had a customer bring his mk2 Mr2 turbo in for some work. this is a rev1 model which has had the updated rev3 3s-gte engine fitted.

The car does come with some very tasty aftermarket parts, so whoever owned this car in the past has spent a lot of money, but. they have cheaped out on the mechanical side of thinks.

to say the previous workmanship on this car was poor, would be an understatment.

After closer examination of the MR2 the wiring of the engine has been a botched job, all this to fit a unreliable megasquirt ECU. These problems are exacerbated by the engine not having an o2 sensor so the ECU has no grasp over fuelling and as a result power is compromised.

rev3 3s-gte engine

Mk2 Mr2, Rev3 engine 3S-gte

The previous owner has stated the engine is forged however we need to verify this going forward. The head gasket is blown which is a rare issue on these multi layered designs! Although a great car this engine bay needs serious work, not a problem for the experts at Dragon, it is a privilege to work on something a bit different as we love what we do.

Many think we are bias towards German brands, this is not the case our expertise and love for cars spans all makes and models. WE ARE THE BEST and our track record proves it in our diversity of car choice.
Do you have a Japanese car needing tuned? Leave it to the experts and get in touch and we can get the most out of your Samurai.