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At Dragon Performance Centre  we provide custom exhaust fabrication and adaptations for drivers looking to improve exhaust note, improve your vehicle’s performance, or create your desired vehicle aesthetic.

We provide all sorts of custom exhaust upgrades from a Cat-back exhaust to branded aftermarket exhaust systems. Whether you are looking for a performance exhaust or a custom exhaust to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, we have a solution for you.

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Exact Exhaust Note

A custom exhaust system will provide you with the ability to fine tune your exhaust note before production. The exhaust back box and resonators adjust your engines true exhaust note, along with the diameter and material used for your stock exhaust system. During our custom exhaust consultation we will walk you through a variety of options so that you can find tune your exhaust note exactly how you would like it

Improved Air Flow

As a tuning business, many of our custom exhaust requests are for a performance exhaust set up. We can improve the performance of your vehicle by 2-5% by removing any friction from your engine to the tip of your exhaust. Performance exhausts improve air flow by eliminating unnecessary bends in your exhaust pipe and removing parts that cause air flow resistance in your system.

Exhaust Aesthetic

Your custom exhaust system says a lot about you. We ensure that your personality and preferences are heard, giving you the option to swap your exhaust tips, pipe diameter and the finish of your exhaust system. A fully customisable exhaust system so that your vehicle looks exactly as you want it.

Upgrade Materials

Commonly made of mild steel, these materials offer a cost effective solution for manufacturers, but a corrosive, poor build quality for the customer. Our custom systems are made with 304 stainless steel, which is greatly better than the stock mild steal. Our stainless steel is hard and durable, easy on the eye finish that is long lasting so that you don’t have to return with corrosive faults.

Exhaust Health

Custom exhaust systems allow you to remove any components of the stock exhaust set up. Some of these parts cause restricted air flow creating exhaust gas re-circulation which has a negative effect on your vehicles combustion. A custom exhaust system will allow for more air flow allowing used up air and fuel to exit the exhaust combustion chambers faster.

Fuel Economy

Stock, factory exhausts come fitted with catalytic converters, resonators and bends in thin, restricting pipes, to meet noise and emissions regulations. By improving the air flow with a custom exhaust, you can increase your vehicles mpg by improving the efficiency of your vehicles combustion and release of gasses. Less restrictions, means more mpg.

Read Our Amazing Reviews

Daniel Land
Daniel Land
Just had a Stage1 remap on my focus st Amazing results car is unreal. Great job done by the guys explained everything what was happening with the car and what the remap does definitely recommend to anyone
Olive Andre
Olive Andre
Paul knows what he is doing and won’t rip you off and pushing you to expenses as other would do. I had my previous car serviced and looked after by Paul (the car was in terrible condition with gear box problem) and he managed to fix her and make her pass MOT. Now we have another one and won’t trust any other garage to work on it.
Drew Mckelvie
Drew Mckelvie
This guy really knows his stuff, arguably the best tuner in Scotland, a total pleasure and great learning experience for myself, nothing was too much trouble, total gem!!!!!
Jordan-Blake Cameron
Jordan-Blake Cameron
Used these guys again for the second time today for my Fiesta ST, traveled from Edinburgh to get it done, these guys know what they’re doing, wouldn’t use anyone else to tune my cars, Highly recommended, thanks again boys??
Gordon Elwood
Gordon Elwood
Having tried elsewhere (twice unsuccessfully) to remap my van I contacted Paul at Dragon. Arranged to meet him but I wasnt confident the map would work (based on past experience). However Paul worked his magic and the map was successful. Van drives like a dream all thanks to a man who clearly knows his stuff. He also (voluntarily) tidied up a couple other minor issues. Not only did Paul go above and beyond he's also a really nice unassuming guy. I will definitely use Dragon Performance again and I can't recommend them highly enough!! I would definitely recommend them. Definitely worth 5*
I’ve used Dragon twice. Once for my MK7 Golf and now on my Passat B8. They done a great job on both occasions. 2.0TDI, great results. My main goal was improving fuel economy. I could’ve had a Stage 1 performance remap but instead I chose a Stage 1 economy remap. A bit extra power and torque but improved fuel economy. I’m very happy with it and I think they provide a great service. This company also deals with AdBlue and DPFs. I only used them for remaps but I would trust them with anything.
James Meredith
James Meredith
I recommend these guys 100%! Very helpful and knowledgeable with years of experience behind them. I was dubious about remapping my car (2018 Skoda Superb Sportline 190ps diesel). I felt the car was fast enough beforehand but I was intrigued to see what a Stage 1 would do. But what if it wrecks my engine/ transmission, manufacturers warranty, etc, etc? So I emailed Paul and he responded with a concise breakdown (pardon the pun) of what they (Dragon) do and what's involved. It was enough to convince me to take the plunge... I left the car with them for a couple of hours and walked off into Perth. There is no waiting area at Dragon so be prepared to do something whilst you wait (nearby Tesco Superstore or 'truckers cafe' nearby). After the remap, my first experience with the cars new brain was overtaking a slower moving vehicle on a dual carriageway. The throttle response seemed, immediately, sharper, the mid-range boost staggering, which was one of my requirements- reducing the Time exposed to Danger on the overtake. I don't drive like I've stolen the car but I do enjoy the extra 'oomph' the remap has given. Fuel economy? No idea as I don't analyse it to the 'nth degree' but I haven't noticed it being any worse. Paul makes it clear that they do not quote an exact figure for your cars remap. They give you a ball park figure based on the remap file; ie my particular car may differ slightly from another, seemingly, identical Superb. A conservative guess is that the power is now between 220-240ps over the standard 187 ps and the torque figure (where it really matters) is somewhere around 500NM from around 400NM. The figures, I must stress, are irrelevant though. Where it matters is how the car now drives. No lag, immense mid-range punch but still very driveable as an everyday car. Rather than me explaining any further I would drop Paul an email or call. I am a remap convert. Best money I have spent in a while.
David Lyall
David Lyall
Excellent service had the z4 remapped today very happy with the result. I have now also had my 320d done. As always, excellent professional service.

Types Of Custom Exhaust Modifications

Whether you are looking for a performance exhaust or a custom exhaust to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, Dragon Performance Centre has a solution for you.

Turbo Back Exhaust Systems

A loud, unrestricted and well-made custom exhaust system. A turbo-back exhaust system is the best way to improve the performance of your car. It will increase the flow of exhaust gases and reduce back pressure, giving your car more power. It will also make your car sound more aggressive. A turbo back exhaust system is made from stainless steel or titanium.

Full Exhaust Systems

A full exhaust system replaces your car’s stock muffler and pipes with aftermarket parts. The most common type of full exhaust is a cat-back system, which includes new mufflers, pipes, and tips. This type of system is a popular choice among car enthusiasts because it offers a noticeable improvement in sound without sacrificing too much power. We supply branded aftermarket exhaust systems such as Scorpion, Cobra and Remus.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems

A Cat Back Exhaust System is a custom exhaust system that replaces your vehicle’s factory exhaust. The most common type of full exhaust is a cat-back system, which includes new mufflers, pipes, and tips. This type of system is a popular choice among car enthusiasts because it offers a noticeable improvement in sound without sacrificing too much power.


A Decat/Downpipes exhaust system is a custom exhaust that is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle. It is typically installed on vehicles that are modified for racing or other high-performance applications. Decat/Downpipes exhaust systems can provide significant gains in power and torque, as well as improved throttle response and fuel economy.

PPF/OPF/GPF Bypass/Delete

A PPF/OPF/GPF bypass or delete exhaust system is a custom exhaust that eliminates the need for factory-installed pollution control devices. These devices are typically installed to meet emissions regulations, but they can often restrict airflow and hurt performance. Bypassing or deleting them can improve both power and sound. 

DPF Delete

A DPF delete is a small custom exhaust modification which involves removing the Diesel Particulate Filter from the exhaust system. This allows the engine to breathe more freely and can result in increased power and fuel economy.

Backbox Delete

By opting for the Blackbox Delete, enthusiasts not only amplify the engine’s distinctive tone and enhance performance but also experience a noticeable reduction in exhaust backpressure. This reduction can contribute to improved fuel efficiency and throttle response, providing a dual benefit of increased power output and a more fuel-conscious driving experience for those who seek the perfect balance between performance and efficiency.

Resonator Delete

A Resonator Delete exhaust system is a great way to increase the performance of your vehicle. Resonators are designed to reduce noise, but they can also restrict airflow and reduce power. By deleting the resonator, you’ll experience an increase in power and a more aggressive sound from your exhaust. If you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your vehicle, a Resonator Delete exhaust system is a great option.

Exhausts Tips/ Tailpipes

If you’re looking for a Custom Exhaust, aesthetics may be on your agenda. We offer a wide variety of Custom Exhausts to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a performance exhaust or just want to change the look of your car, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team can help you find the perfect Custom Exhaust for your car.

Twin Exit/ Dual Exit/ Quad Exit Conversions

When choosing your custom exhaust system, you may want to consider a single exit, twin Exit, dual exit and Quad Exit Custom Exhaust Systems we have available. Most vehicles require a pipe placement as standard due to the vehicle bodywork accommodating the stock style.

Custom Backboxes

If you’re looking for a Custom Backboxes exhaust system, we’ve got just what you need. A custom exhaust backbox can transform the way that your vehicle sounds, improving airflow and reducing the muffling of your engine note.

Screamer Pipes

The screamer pipe is an exhaust configuration that vents the waste gases from some automotive turbocharged engines to the atmosphere through a separate muffled channel, rather than back into its main path. This setup produces a very loud noise and has been known for many years as one of autmotives most characteristic sounds.
Rated 5 star on Google

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