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We may not be the cheapest.. but I will let this meme tell you why! – 18 years motor trade experience! We know how engines work! We know how EFI systems work. Not just a basic understanding. But an in depth understanding!

Tuning is a science.. science is an art!

Just like a bad tattoo.. cheap remaps often mean you are gaining extra power through incorrect programming! Over boost, running lean, too much ignition advance or fuel pump advance.

Yes, your car feels quicker… but at what cost?

We have seen a number of cars over the last month which have been tuned elsewhere which are having running problems, we have found this to be down to a bad map!

How is your tuner verifying that your car is behaving as it should after a remap?

Maximum power and torque is not an indicator of a good tune – to really understand this, you need to understand the fundamentals of how engines work – truly understanding the fundamentals comes with years of experience!