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Modern cars are slowly but surely taking away control from the driver. Smart cruise control, auto break , everything is an automatic now. Arguably this is progression and makes driving easier, but it does take away the feeling of you and the road being connected. Now that gap is widening, and one of the key places driving this is the car engine. Now yes I know you can still buy high powered cars, but look at Audi, all their RS models have soft limiters meaning you cannot play a tune on the expensive instrument you bought!

In more mid tier cars engines are becoming more diluted , to save money manufactures have developed less engines , instead down tuning to get more models out of one engine.
A great example of this is a 320d, my 320d from 2010 with a dragon remap had gains of around 44bhp , a 320d from the last year or so would be able to get 80-90 bhp from a stage 1 Dragon remap!! New cars are all about software and guess what? We are the kings of software, the results speak for themselves.

As cars are more software based , you must be carful when remapping. Take a 19 plate car to an amateur remaper and not only will it be harder for him to map, if done incorrectly it runs the risk of compromising your car. Take it back to the dealership to get fixed and you can kiss goodbye to any warrenty or guestures of goodwill.

Do not trust a new car with the cheapest deal you find , only settle for the best, Dragon

So have you got a new car, it wasn’t what you thought , a bit tame maybe even lame? Get it down to Dragon and we can unleash its full potential for not only power but fuel economy also.