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What a busy day we had on saturday!

VW camper van from bonnie wee campers in for a few jobs – reverse camera wiring, fixing an issue with the wabasco heater and sorting a rear spring figment issue

VW transporter Camper in for some mechanical work
BMW 525d in with DPF issues… car was massively restricted in performance! After carrying out a a quick diagnostics scan and live data. We found that there was zero data for DPF pressure sensor. We took a read of the file on the ecu and found that it had a remap on there with DPF and EGR removed! – an original file was put on and it was then showing over 250mbar back pressure with raised revs and 48mbar at idle! – we carried out a 2 stage chemical clean, a driven regen and applied our stage 1 performance map! – car ended up at 4mbar idle and 45mbar raised revs and now the car is able to regen!

BMW 525D in with DPF issues

Got our Forte signage and posters up.

Forte authorised service centre – Dragon performance Perth

Forte Posters

Delivery from the AA. An Astra with a poorly DPF which has previously been to arnold Clark where they charged the customer over £1500 for work but have failed to fix the issue! – we carried out a diagnostics and found multiple boost leaks! So, DPF off to clean, strip down all associated parts, clean and re assemble with new gaskets, then we can start at square 1 with diagnostics after fixing and rulling out leaks. Hopefully this will be gone very soon!

Astra delivery from the AA. with serious DPF issues

Oh. And last one… Range Rover evoque in for a dragon performance remap!
BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! – we are here to take over!

Range rover evoque for a dragon performance remap