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Remapping cars often gets a bad name ” oh your putting stress on the engine”

“that will ruin fuel economy”

” it will ruin your car!”

All these myths are simply not true with a proper remap from someone such as Dragon

However an amateur tuner may cause you one if not all the above issues.
Don’t believe me?
Within one day we had 5 enquires regarding crap remaps from other tuners and if we could help them out.
1 motorhome which now absolutely drinks fuel!
1 volvo which has apparently had stage 1 and DPF delete but the person who “tuned” the car was not able to do the EGR delete.
1 VW golf GTI with fuel trim issues and lean running
1 Audi A3 which smokes like mad and has failed an MOT
1 Peugeot van which has had a stage 1 and now suffers with DPF issues but the person who “Mapped” it previously is now ignoring contact.


You get what you pay for, fact of life. Our remaps are devolped in house over the course of years, not standard files in sight. So if you are going to trust someone to fiddle with your engine, get a professional like Dragon. You might get a cheaper price elsewhere but give it 6 months and you might find your in a money pit instead of enjoying the full potential of your car.