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Often we get the same German brands in for tuning. Audi after Audi etc, but today we thought we would share some slightly different cars we don’t often work on. For starters this Alpha hatchback. Alpha is always deemed as some of the best looking cars on the road by three of the worlds most loved tv car presenters. Personally I do not see it, what do you think?

Here we have a taxi spec Skoda, a bit dry. With a Dragon Remap however we can spice things up a bit, even with a standard 2.0 tdi engine we can really get some power out of these. Making them a great sleeper or long hall commuter.

Lastly we have a Ford Ranger, this goes beyond a workhorse. With this pick up being several nations most sold car including the USA and Australia’s the numbers speak for themselves.

We have done work on several of these with crazy results for bhp. torque and fuel economy we can make sure you get the best side of your ranger.

Have a car that is a little different? Get in touch for a quote we have the files and knowledge to tune almost every car on the UK roads!