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The Vag group is the 7th largest company in the world, let that sink in. Although its origins are a bit controversial and the company suffers scams like the 2008 emission scandal, despite this none of these shortcomings have made a dent in the VW name.

But VW is just the name, the group consists of Audi, Bentley , Bugatti, Cupra , Jetta , Porsche , Lamborhini, RUF, SEAT and Skoda. Basically half the cars on the planet.

The sheer scope of cars in the VAG group makes them hard to categorise especially in one blog!

Audi… we at Dragon are some what divided on it, personally I think the majority of them are dull to drive cars, where as many of the Dragon staff would say the opposite. The fact is though Audi, VW and Seat’s share so many similar parts, so are you just buying a brand skin? To an extent yes but with many different combinations between engines, sizes and shapes. Golf R and Audi s3, very similar but the s3 has a saloon version. From a style perspective Audi in this case has more choice.

When we look at the high end AUDI SQ7 and Lambo Urus, basically the exact same, in this case you are just paying for the brand/ look. Even some Porsches share the same components as vw cars!

At the end of the day Vag group cars do not suck, as there is such a variety to choose from it is impossible to say they are good or bad as a collective.

Here is what I will say, if you want rear wheel drive you are screwed with Vag ,unless you can fork out for a Carrera that is.

Due to the wide spread nature of these cars and our expertise we can tune all VAG group cars, we have done everything from Polos to Bentley’s so get in touch and let us get the most out of your car!