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what makes dragon the best?

To put it simply – “experience”

Our founder, Paul, who carries out all the tuning work at our perth workshop has been tuning cars since leaving school at the age of 16! he is now 36 (thats a whole 20 years of tuning experience)

And our price reflects the quality of work you will receive! – we arent the cheapest, we will never compete on price. but we more than compete on quality!

we have had LOADS of enquiries over the last few weeks from people who are victims of poor tuning. people who fall for price.

5 enquires today alone! – people who have made there decision based on price, rather than quality!

people who are now having issues from poor work.

It is easy to make extra power from a car, it is easy to delete fault codes.. but it is not easy to do it properly and do it safe.

almost all of our customers return for further work or reccomend us to others. many of these customers own prestige and performance cars (ferrari, porsche, bentley, maseratti) our reviews and past work speak for themselves!

there is no other company in scotland who can match us on quality of work, our experience or the cars we work on day in day out.

also.. now that we have a workshop, you can take advantage of our strong mechanical experience too! from fitting a simple induction kit to a new new gearbox, clutch or engine.. we have you covered there too.

diagnostics too.. its important to have an actual indepth undestanding of the systems which make things work in your car – we are DPF, EGR and Adblue experts! but we dont stop there…

With all this said.. we also offer payment plans. you can spread the cost of quality work, interest free, over 4 or 6 monthly payments as we have partnered with both payment assist and bumper.

So, what is holding you back? choose quality….

Book today for as little as £87.50 (payment plan based on our lowest price of £349 for OBD tuning)

08000 996669